About Us

PBMFLEX HEALTH, formed out of frustration of continuous costly visits to medical and rehabilitation practices, develops and manufactures user-friendly phototherapy devices for people to use in the comfort of their own home or office. Using already proven technology, all devices manufactured meet FDA and medical CE standards, helping people to improve the quality of lives.

At PMBFLEX HEALTH, we keep it true-to-life and to us, true-to-life is all about what a person experiences every day.

Pain Relief – Injury Repair – Muscle Recovery – Injury Prevention – Recovery Management can be costly, time consuming and sometimes a waste of both – Money and Time!

PMBFLEX HEALTH has created the perfect application that brings you relief from every day injury’s as well as speeding up the recovery process.

Our Mission is to continuously design and develop products that can help people manage all types of injuries and conditions. We are serious about helping people live a better quality of life.